It was a pleasure working with Rafael. We will be contacting him again soon for more business opportunities.

— Kelley

"By the way, I really like Rafael as a moderator, he does so many things well. I really appreciate how he asks the consumer a question......Respondents really seem to warm up to him."

— Angela

"Gracias! You've been doing AWESOME work. The client is very pleased."

— Bob

"We really enjoyed working with you. You did an excellent job with the groups and your report and presentation were outstanding."

— CP

"Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us. You're clearly passionate about the Hispanic market and have incredible experience and a well earned point of view. You are our number ONE choice."

— Jacob

"You were awesome on this project! Many thanks for all the work you put in. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to working with you again soon."

— K. L.

"I (and the rest of our team) really appreciate your fantastic work, your energy, your expertise and your enthusiasm throughout this project!  The next time an opportunity for Hispanic-focused work comes up, you will absolutely be my first call. You have been a great partner to us on this work."

— Justin

"Based upon the work Hispanic Marketing Insights performed, our client approved plans to change their strategic plan and develop new programs aimed specifically at people of Hispanic descent. So your efforts, including your recommendations, are quite valuable."

— Carmine

"The study was of great value to the organization and gave us the direction to follow. And 'Thank YOU' for a great presentation! I've gotten a lot of complements from senior management."

— Steve H.

"I truly appreciate working with you, because first you think of the respondents and you make them feel very comfortable in an environment they do not normally frequent, there are very few moderators that are as good as you are, and I do say that from the bottom of my heart."

— Mary

"Gracias por el excelente trabajo que hizo en el estudio cualitativo y facilitar los grupos. Fue muy interesante observar la dinámica y escuchar las respuestas. Nos va a ayudar crear un plan que hace sentido para la audiencia. Me alegro que podemos contactar con su conocimiento en el futuro. Para mi, fue valioso conocerlo y entender muy bien lo que hace su compañía."

— Lisa

"...for such a great job with the focus groups on Wednesday night! You are a terrific moderator and I know that Jim, Jane and Laura were impressed and very pleased, as was I. You are very, very good at what you do and you are a pleasure to work with."

— Jan W

"I am pleased to have a resource like yourself at our disposal. Wonderful job at the last minute. You can be sure that we will contact you for the next Hispanic project. Thank you!"

— Evelyn

"I finished watching the groups last week, you did a wonderful job, I appreciate it. We certainly will keep you in mind for the next project."

— Brandi

"You are awesome!"

— J. T.

"Thanks so much, we were very pleased with your work. We will definitely add you to our database and recommend you to our colleagues for future Hispanic work."

— KB

"...on the groups from last week and it sounds like you were very knowledgeable of the subject matter and you did a great job with the groups. Thanks for your help on this project. And thanks for being so patient and flexible along the way."

— J. E.

"We are pleased with your professionalism, which resulted in a very well conducted research study."

— M. R.

"Rafael, thank you for your excellent work on the research project just completed. The quality of your work and your professionalism is excellent.
Both Anthony and I look forward to working with you in the future."

— J & A

"......you are a consummate professional you are smart and bring your marketing brains to every project you are organized and detailed you are respectful to respondents and clients - making everybody at ease you are the person I'd call if my car broke down, or if I needed help on a project on Monday."

— MA

"Because of your company and assistance in navigating the language and culture, our agency was able to put together a very successful marketing campaign."

— John W.